Meeting of the Congregation

Sunday 2 June 2019

Dear Morialta friends

A reminder that there will be a meeting of the congregation at 10.45 am on Sunday 2 June.

As this is a special meeting called to consider two items, Morialta’s mission priorities and which Presbytery Morialta will join, there will be no printed agenda and none of the reports that would normally be expected at a meeting of the congregation. As usual, though, the Beyond Morialta Mission Projects Team will provide muffins for morning tea – gold coin(s) donation is requested.

Two documents are attached, Identifying our Mission Priorities for Moving Forward – 2019 circulated and considered at our March meeting, and Choosing a Presbytery which complements and summarises the briefings Bob has provided over the past two Sunday mornings.

Links to documents
190331 CongregationResourceDocument
190602 ChoosingAPresbytery

You have probably either downloaded or printed Identifying our Mission Priorities for Moving Forward – 2019. Please do the same with Choosing a Presbytery and bring both to the meeting with you.  There will be two copies of each document on the tables at the meeting.

I look forward to seeing you on 2 June and to joining you in decision-making that will guide our way forward in God’s mission and ministry here at Morialta and in the wider Church.

AGM of the congregation
10.45 am, Sunday 31 March

Dear Morialta Friends,

I look forward to welcoming you to the Meeting of the Congregation to be held on Sunday 31 March from 10:45 am.

This is email 1 containing meeting papers, coming to you early to give you time for pre-meeting reading – please! In addition to the several attachments listed below, may I draw your special attention to the one labelled ‘Mission Priorities_ Congregation Resource Document_ March 2019’ (available on request from the secretary). It reflects the work Council has done on discerning a process to help us move forward into 2019 and beyond, by recognising where we are and moving towards making decisions about where to from here. This is the document I referred to in my February Vision piece; it is quite long – 8 pages – but the font is hopefully large enough for easy reading! I will present the main ideas from the document at the meeting, encourage your questions and comments, and outline the process we hope to follow from here, which will  provide plenty of time for thoughtful reading, discussion and prayer.

It’s the beginning of a journey together.

The other attached papers are these:

Minutes of meeting held 2 December 2018 (These will be taken as read at the meeting and any questions or comments you may have about them will be very welcome.)

Warm regards,
Margaret Cargill

181202 MtgOfCongMinutes (1)


ProfitLossReport Jan-Dec18

BalanceSheet 31Dec18

190331 MtgOfCongAgenda

Past Meetings

10.45 am on Sunday 2 December.

Draft Minutes of the Meeting
181202 MtgOfCongMinutes

  • Revised agenda
  • Student Accommodation Project report
  • Interim 2019 budget
  • Beyond Morialta Mission Projects suggestions for 2019. You will be asked at the meeting to signal your preferences.
  • Magill InterChurch Council report

181202 MtgOfCongAgenda-2

181202 StudentAccommodationProjectReport

181202 2019InterimBudget

181202 BeyondMorialtaMissionProjectsSuggestionsFor2019

181202 MagillInterchurchCouncilReport

The first set of papers for the meeting are below:

  • The draft agenda for the meeting
  • Minutes of our meeting held on 29 July – these will be taken as read at the meeting and any questions or comments you may have about them will be very welcome.
  • The budget analysis report and the Balance Sheet giving information on how we’re going to the end of October
  • An update report from the Church Seating Steering Group – this will be taken as read and Christine Garner, Chair of the Group, will be available at the meeting for your questions and/or comments

Church Council will bring two proposals to the meeting:

  1. Any decision regarding purchasing chairs be put on hold until there is clarification of the Congregation’s financial situation and property issues are addressed.
  2. If in the future, a decision is made to purchase chairs, the congregation note that the Church Seating Steering Group recommends Alloyfold Church Chairs (being those provided by way of example by Walkerville Uniting Church) as the preferred chair.

There may be more papers emailed early next week and, as usual, there will be a few copies of the papers on the tables at the meeting.

Margaret and I are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting – please remember your gold coins for the muffin morning tea.

181202 MtgOfCongAgenda

180729 MtgOfCongMinutes

Morialta UC 10 Oct Budget analysis

Morialta UC 10 Oct Balance sheet

181202 ChurchSeatingSteeringGroupReport

Sunday 29 July 2018 – 10:45am

Church Hall

Draft minutes of the meeting
180729 MtgOfCongMinutes

The agenda for the meeting
180729 MtgOfCongAgenda

Minutes of our meeting held on 25 March
180325 MtgOfCongMinutes

The budget analysis report and the Balance Sheet giving information on how we’re going to the end of June
1806 BudgetAnalysis June2018
1806 BalanceSheet June2018

A report from the Church Seating Steering Group
180729 ChurchSeatingSteeringGroup

Morialta’s Child Safe Policy.
Morialta UCA Child Safe Policy

Sunday 25 March  2018 – 10:45am
Church Hall
Agenda for the meeting

Minutes of the meeting 26 November 2017
171126 MtgOfCongMinutes

2017 Annual Report

Balance sheet to 31 December 2017
BalanceSheet to 31Dec2017

Balance sheet – to 28 February 2018
BalanceSheet to 28Feb2018

Income & Expenditure – January to December 2017
Income&Expenditure Report JanToDec2017

Income & Expenditure January and February 2018
Income&Expenditure Report Jan&Feb2018

Budget V’s Actual report January to December 2017
BudgetVActual Report JanToDec2017

Community Centre Mission Ministry team –
Report to The Congregation 25 March 2018

Magill Inter-church Council (MICC)
Report to the Annual Meeting of Morialta Uniting Church 25th March 2018
MagillInterChurchCouncil Report