Morialta Uniting church works to promote and advocate for the ideals of social justice – within  our church family and the wider community. This is in response to Christ’s call to stand with the powerless and marginalised and to care for the creation in a responsible and sustainable way.

We promote:

The Fair Trade Movement – which  is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

How you can help:  by purchasing fair trade goods and asking your supermarket to stock them.


Christmas Bowl Appeal

Each year in Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Services and on any Sunday during January a closing offering is taken up. Envelopes are also distributed. We regularly publish articles on the work of Act for Peace, sponsor of the Christmas Bowl, in our Vision Magazine.

We support and advocate for: 

A Refugee’s or Asylum Seeker’s right to just treatment under law and for Australia to accept its responsibilities as a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention. We are particularly concerned about mandatory detention of children in detention and that the policy of turning back boats only prevents entry to Australia, rather than providing a just outcome for those seeking shelter – it merely shifts the responsibility of care to our neighbours.

Refugee Week is in June each year:    16-22 June in 2024

Human Rights – a major issue in Australia. Morialta UC promotes human rights through articles in Vision to help inform people, so that they can make a reasoned decision about the need to enshrine human rights in law.

A Just Society for All – We also promote our concern for issues such as homelessness, poverty, the rights of LGBTQI and other minority groups – through worship services and through our Vision Magazine. We encourage members and friends to write letters to Members of Parliament and to participate in public displays of support.

Reconciliation with and Recognition for First Nations people 
These are important issues in bridging the gulf that exists between the original peoples of Australia and those who have arrived over the last 3 centuries. We observe Reconciliation Sunday and promote public awareness of issues relating to Aboriginal culture and life, such as the Recognise Movement.

We support the South Australian Voice to Parliament and Reconciliation through worship services and advocacy via our Vision Magazine.

Interfaith relations and understanding are as important as ecumenical discussions in helping each of us to understand our own traditions and culture, as well as the traditions and culture of others. We promote interfaith and ecumenical understanding through worship, joining together ecumenically for Word Day of Prayer, and sharing our space with other faiths to allow them to share their traditions and belief systems with us.


How you can help

If there are any social justice issues you want to know about, or an issue you feel should be promoted or investigated, please contact us at or telephone 8331 3241.


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