Updated 26 November 2020

Information to congregation

Members of the congregation  will be aware  of the  restrictions that were imposed, and subsequently  relaxed, by S.A. Government  and Synod over the past week. 

As a consequence of  directions given during last week, members of the Morialta UC Congregation participated in worship  at a distance on 22 November.  Because of the restrictions  on movement and activity, the people who contributed  to worship  recorded  their parts at home and  the final  service was edited together.  Thanks go to Rev. Bob  Hutchinson, Pam and  Chris Ayles , and John Secombe for  their separate  contributions  that  created  a meaningful ‘Christ the King’ service.

 Following  consideration of the risks relating to COVID 19, and  the restrictions  that are still in place, as well as the recommendations  from S.A. Synod, Church Council  has made the decision  to  hold  our Sunday service  virtually  on 29th November.  The service will  be streamed  live, from the church  at 9.30 a.m. and be available  to members of the congregation and wider community   from that time.  Those who are rostered  to  undertake  roles during the service  will  be in attendance, but other members of the congregation will be able to participate at a distance.

 It is hoped that, with  further  lifting of restrictions,  face-to-face  worship will resume  on 6th December.

 On that date it is planned to hold our first Congregational Meeting for 2020 following  the service.  It is proposed that we meet in the church observing  our accepted COVID Safe Protocols.

 Given  the uncertainty  around restrictions and the heightened  risks associated  with the recent  outbreak, Church Council  decided  that  the congregation would refrain from  singing  on that Sunday and  that refreshments would not be served .

 Church Council will re-visit  the matter of  congregational singing  following  the 6th December and  share its decision  with  the congregation   before  13th December.

 As always,  you are encouraged  to make contact  with one of the members of Church Council if you have any questions or concerns, or  would like any of  this information clarified.

Bruce ind


Chairperson, Church Council


116 Morialta Road Woodforde  5072

☎️  0413606200

Update 20 Nov 2020

Hello members of Church Council and Team Leaders,

They say change is constant!

In case of pandemics  that is certainly so.

It would appear that, as a consequence of further fact checking by the SA Police, some of the assumptions  used to  impose   the strict lockdown  have been revised.

There are new  expectations  put forward  by the SA government. Some  conditions  have been relaxed and some activities have been allowed  immediately.

There are further   restrictions that will be relaxed  from  midnight Saturday.

Further  information has just come from  the  Synod.

See below for  the  letter from Felicity Amery.

given  that arrangements  have been made for Sunday Services and details  have been  communicated to our community   there is no  urgency  for  action.

It would appear  that face to face  activity   will be permitted  from early  next week.

Given  that  we have a Church Council Meeting scheduled  for Tuesday evening, I propose leaving   significant  discussion to  that time.

As always,  your comments  are  welcome!

Bruce Ind
116 Morialta Road, Woodforde SA 5072
☎️ (M) 0413 606 200


20th November 2020

Dear Ministers and Congregations,

Firstly, a sincere thank you to you all for your ability this week to address the challenges created by the unprecedented COVID situation in South Australia. Your patience and understanding in embracing these challenges has been greatly appreciated.

We realise that this has been a difficult week and that the situation has created uncertainty and a great degree of stress. I can assure you that the Synod is monitoring the situation on a daily basis and responding quickly as we continue to support our staff, communities, congregations and presbyteries across the Synod, and this remains our highest priority, whilst also continuing to adhere to the latest Government advice.

Earlier today the SA Government announced further changes to the current lock-down situation. As a result of the announcement, the Crisis Management Team called an urgent meeting and met this afternoon to discuss our next steps.

From the information provided by the State Government, we are advised that the current lock-down conditions across the state will ease as of midnight Saturday, November 21st. We realise that this sudden change, whilst welcome, may also cause additional stress and concern.

Earlier this week, we recommended that Sunday services be suspended for the next two Sundays and as a result of today’s announcement, and with the understanding that many congregations have now made alternative arrangements for this Sunday 22nd November, we recommend that you still not meet in person this Sunday. However we do recommend you commence transitioning back to worship from the 29th November as Advent begins.

We realise that transitioning back to some sense of normality will take some time, especially as congregations have also cancelled significant events as a result of recent announcements by the State Government. We encourage you to once again plan for ministry activities from Monday, 23rd November onwards, with an understanding that strict COVID requirements still apply.

As of midnight Saturday, 21st November, we advise that the following conditions will be in place:

·         150 at weddings

·         50 at funerals

·         10 people within private homes

·         4 square metre distancing

·         Face masks will not be mandatory, however you are encouraged to continue to wear them where physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

As you transition back, we recommend that you remain vigilant in maintaining physical distancing, personal hygiene and recording attendance in the application of continuing COVID management practices.

Please note, this week the Synod office staff responded quickly and efficiently to working from home and as a result of today’s announcement will seek to transition back to the workplace in the coming week, however the Synod office and the Uniting College will remain closed to visitors until further notice.

It has certainly been a week of great challenge and change and we assure you that the Crisis Management Team is monitoring the situation on a daily basis, and we will continue to provide you with updates as soon as is possible.

I thank you again for your resilience and your ability to respond quickly and with patience and grace.

If you have further questions, please continue to work with your presbyteries or contact:

     Rev Sue Page – Associate General Secretary
     Email: spage@sa.uca.org.au
     Phone: (08) 8236 4217

     Rev Philip Gardner
     Email: pgardner@sa.uca.org.au
     Phone: (08) 8236 4268

Our prayers continue to be with you as you pastorally care for those you are in ministry with.

Grace and peace,





Update 17 Nov 2020

Dear members of  the Morialta UC  community,

The response  to the  Parafield  ‘Outbreak’ has been rapid from our state government. 

Acting,  with an abundance of  caution,  there has been discussion  about  ongoing  activity within  the life of Morialta UC. as well.

We were  preparing to make  some difficult decisions about our face-to-face programs  in the next day or so, but, Synod has provided  Morialta UC and other congregations  within a 50 km radius  of the C.B.D. advice about  restrictions  it  has imposed.  Below, is a letter , to leaders and congregations, from our Moderator.

While  the restrictions  are carefully  outlined in his  letter, Bronte is  keen  to  encourage  ongoing care to everyone  in these , continuing, difficult  times.

In particular, the  directive   requires  all face-to-face activity to be suspended for two weeks.  This means  that Fellowship, The Workshop, Art & Craft Circle, Tai Chi, Playgroup and any other  activity that  takes place  on Chapel St  property is curtailed according  to  the dates  specified  in  the Moderator’s letter.

Many will know  that we were looking forward to  participating  in  the National Garage Sale Trail on  21 November.  This too, is  cancelled.

However,  there is  a bright  note.  While we will not be able  to  join in gathered worship over  the next  two Sundays,  we will  have access  to services streamed  over You Tube as we have experienced earlier  during the COVID 19 pandemic.  

Please  do not  attend Chapel Street, on Sunday mornings, unless you are one of the few who are  rostered to present and stream our service.  Of course, if  you are feeling unwell, or, have other reasons  to isolate please get  in touch  with Rev. Bob,  John Secombe, or me.


As has been the practice , in recent months,  volunteers  will distribute  worship materials  and other information, on Fridays,  to those who do not have access  to digital media.

While  the Chapel Street  facility will be closed  for the next  two weeks the Church Office  will still be available  via  the phone.  If you have any need of  the office, or, our  Office Coordinator, Nicole, please  phone  the office number.

In these uncertain times  there may be other, specific , questions you need answered.

If you have any  concerns, questions , or, comments please be  in touch with me.

Finally,  you may be aware  of members  of our community  who are doing  it a little  tough.  If that is the case, pleas be   in touch with Rev Bob, or, the Team Leader of Pastoral Care, Margaret Cargill,  with  your concerns.

I wish you Peace and Grace,

Bruce Ind
116 Morialta Road, Woodforde SA 5072
☎️ (M) 0413 606 200