Friendship Group

Wanting to relax, wind down?  Have a breather?

Everyone is very welcome to come to Morialta UC Friendship Group, which meets every Third Thursday at 10:00 am, either in the church hall or for an excursion.  

Contact the church office for more information!

Social Justice

Morialta Uniting church work to promote and advocate the ideals of social justice within our church family, and the wider community. This is in response to Christ’s call to stand with the powerless and marginalised and to care for the creation in a responsible and sustainable way.

We promote

The Fair Trade Movement fairtrade_logo
which is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

How you can help: You can help by purchasing free trade goods and asking your supermarket to stock them.

Christmas Bowl Appeal novxmasbowl2
Each year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Services and on any Sunday during January a closing offering is taken up. Envelopes are also distributed. We provide volunteers for the Christmas Bowl Street Appeal.

We support and advocate

Refugee Week Kids don’t belong in detention centres

Refugee Week
Kids don’t belong in detention centres

A Refugees or Asylum Seekers right to a just treatment under law and for Australia to accept its responsibilities as a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention. We are particularly concerned about mandatory detention of children in detention and that the policy of turning back boats only prevents entry to Australia, rather than provide a just outcome for those seeking shelter – it merely shifts the responsibility of care to our neighbours.

Human Rights

Social Justice Forum Sunday 5 July

Social Justice Forum Sunday 5 July

is a major issue in Australia. Morialta UC hosts forums and discussion groups to help inform people so that they can make a reasoned decision about the need to enshrine human rights in law.


Reconciliation and Recognise are important issues in bridging the gulf that exists between the original peoples of Australia and those who have arrived over the last 3 centuries. We observe Reconciliation Sunday and promote public awareness of issues relating to Aboriginal culture and life, such as the Recognise Movement.

Interfaith relations and understanding are as important as ecumenical discussions in helping each of us to understand our own traditions and culture, as well as the traditions and culture of others. We promote interfaith and ecumenical understanding by hosting public forums and inviting representatives of other faiths to come and share their traditions and belief systems with us.

How you can help

If there are any social justice issues you want to know about, or an issue you feel should be promoted or investigated, please contact us at or telephone 8331 3241.


Uniting Justice Australia

Professor Bob Douglas
Talk presented at Morialta UCA on Saturday 8 October

Beyond Morialta Mission Projects

We work in partnership with Uniting World who are committed to connecting church communities and people world wide to partner in Gods mission with International partner churches.

Everyone is welcome to come to our fundraising events and keep in mind the ways in which you can help us support our mission projects

  • On Mission Sunday each year there is an additional offering which  goes towards our mission projects.
  • Come along on the Saturday before Mothers Day, and support our Netball Teams and while you’re there buy a cake and/or some flowers! The Netball Teams run the stall to raise funds for mission projects. You may like to bake a cake to donate.


We would like to thank you all for your support and generosity.  Total funds raised in 2022 were $3000.  These have been split evenly between Congress at Oodnadatta and a Uniting World project for education in remote Northern India.

A particular thank you to the Morialta Netball Club, for their contribution from their Mothers Day cake stall. We so much appreciate this wonderful service you offer to Mission Projects each year.

These are the projects we are supporting in 2023:

Sri Lanka

This project supports education and training of disabled children and adults.

Frontier Services

The patrol covers the largest area of South Australia and the Bush Chaplain works out of Quorn in the Flinders Ranges.  The cost of keeping a Bush Chaplains on the road is $120,000 per year and with the current drought their task is even greater as they respond and care for those in disaster.

Faith Education

Gateways  Group
Do you have any questions about faith?

Do you want to explore these issues with others?

“Gateways is a group within Morialta Uniting Church which provides an opportunity to explore issues of faith in a safe and welcoming environment.

The group, which meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month offers friendship, acceptance and encouragement as, through books, DVDs and discussion we explore ideas and challenges of contemporary Christian scholars.

Come and see!

For further information please contact

Please contact the office or our minister if you are wanting to know more about any of these possibilities, or if you would like to talk about faith education in general.



Morialta has a very friendly netball club.  The people are always helpful and it is fun to be there. We like playing for Morialta because we enjoy catching up with friends and it is not overly competitive.

We really like how proud we feel when they announce our results and how we played in church on Sunday and when everyone asks us how the season is going.

Morialta Uniting Netball Club is special because it is run by friends and family, and is netball 24052015-Development Squadvery community based. Everyone there knows everyone else and people are always saying hello. At the club home games, it is fun to help out in the canteen and sell yummy food and drinks to team mates and the other visiting teams and their supporters.

The main thing we love about Morialta Uniting Netball Club is how everyone there helps us to develop and improve our skills.

Georgia and Kathryn

Our netball club caters for players aged 5 to adult in the
South Australian United Churches Netball Association.

We have summer and winter competitions with experienced coaches and umpires.  Uniform costs and registration fees are comparatively low.

For more information visit Or contact
Jude Johnson at
Or call 0417 881 036

Social Tennis

Anyone for Tennis?

The Tennis Group continues to play each Saturday either at the church courts or the courts at Kensington Gardens.  New members are welcome to the group.

For further information please contact the church office (8331 9344)