Morialta Uniting Church is  offering weekly worship resources including a service on YouTube.

The material will be uploaded each Saturday night so that it is available for use on Sunday morning.

The material will be published on this page available from the Morialta’s home page and distributed via an email list.

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Worship for 5 April 2020

Resourse material will be published Saturday nigh 4 April

What a joy to design and create the flowers for Palm Sunday.
(Matthew 21:1–9)
The large palm behind the flowers commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem,
the small palm branches, the branches that were placed in his path,
the red flowers, the cloaks that were also laid down on the path before him
and the white flowers, Jesus as he moves toward the last week before his crucifixion.
Jan Sillett

Worship for 29 March 2020

Two ways of worshiping with us this week.

  1.   A Service on YouTube – click on image below – to view in full screen click the symbol on the bottom right hand corner of the video.

2. Printed order of service to follow at you own pace.
Printed service for 29 March 2020

Worship 22 March 2020

Three way to worship this week

    1.  Printed order of service with links to clips to follow at you own pace. –
      Worship for 22 March

    2. A Youtube service that has been put together for this Sunday from our collection of Beyond our Walls Services

3.   The Centre for Music Liturgy and the Arts provided this to help people at this time: