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Acknowledgements of Country
Some resources that worship leader might like to consider.

  1. From before recorded time, the First Peoples (Nations) cared for this land.
    We praise the Creator for the beauty of this Land and honour those who have offered themselves in tending it.
    We acknowledge the Elders and communities (of the ……….People) who have told the sacred stories and nurtured faithfulness to the Creator.
    We ask God’s blessing on those who continue to work for the healing and restoration of this Land and Her Communities.
  2. As we look upon the hills and valleys, we see the love poured out on this land by those who have cared for this Land since time beyond measure. We honour those who have gone before and those who are yet to come.
    May we be mindful of the calling God places on humanity to care for Creation.
    May we take the lead from the …………..People whose stories are entwined with the stewarding of this place.
    May we learn from them and walk with them in God’s Covenant.
  3. The ancient of Days breathed life into this land and Her Peoples.
    From Time beyond our reckoning the ………… People have blessed this place though their law and customs, their care and concern.
    We pay our respects to their Elders and Leaders, past and present, and pray for the future of their communities.
    May we walk gently and respectfully on this land.
  4. This is God’s Land.
    Many have gone before who have honoured God by caring for this Land, in the way they have lived and stories they have shared.
    We give thanks for the ……….people, who have held as sacred the duty of protecting the Land and living in harmony with it.
    May God honour and bless them – now and to eternity.


Library Survey

Our Community Library is a modern church library with a large selection of fiction books, and a variety of resources for exploring faith and spirituality

Living Books – Giving Life

Library Brochure

The Library is conveniently situated to the left of the front entrance and next to the church office.

A librarian is in attendance on
Sundays from 8.30am – 11.00am
Wednesdays from 11.00am – 1.00pm.

Books can be borrowed when the library is open and by arrangement at other times.

All resources are catalogued on the library data base.
This data base can be accessed to locate a particular item or topic.

The Loan Period is 4 weeks.

Extensions can be obtained at any time the librarians are in attendance.  The extension is for a further 4 weeks.

Books and other items can be returned during library hours
or placed in the Return Box in the foyer during office hours.

If a particular title is sought and is on loan, a Reservation can be made.  This ensures that when the book is returned, it is held for you and you will be notified.

Come and see our new books!

Book Reviews


News and reviews August 2017

News and Reviews April 2017

News and Reviews February 2017

Summer Reading Guide 2017

Library News June 2016

April 2016 – What’s New

What’s New February 2016

Book Reviews February 2015

Summer Reading 2014 – 2015

What’s New at the Library October 2014

Books and DVDs for Winter!

February 2014 Book Reviews

Library News February 2014

December Book Reviews 2013

August 2013 Library News

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Book Reviews for June 2013

April Book & Movie Reviews

Book Reviews for Autumn

Space for use and Hire


Morialta’s Buildings and Spaces for Hire

Areas provide generous, quiet and flexible accommodation for meetings, events, celebrations, workshops, large and small discussion groups, etc.


Hall 2013 Hall
large and airy, with A/C
outlook to street and garden
Kitchen Kitchen
moderately large, well equipped, A/C
fixed and movable seating, good acoustics
Library Library / Meeting Room
privacy for small groups, A/C
Room adjacent to hall
folding doors section this carpeted room off from hall; when open it provides an extension area to the hall
KUCA Room Rear building
complete with medium sized meeting area, kitchenette, two small  rooms and toilet areas – external entrance via courtyard Toilet/Wet Areas have been refurbished with a support grant from the Government of South Australia through the Premier’s Community Initiative Fund.

Audio-visual facilities
available in church and hall with range of capabilities;  hire fees available on request;  determined by extent of equipment required

Hire fees

  • available on request for each area
  • longer term hire open to consultation

Public Liability Insurance
current documentation is required

Conditions of Use and other policy documents
available on request

Contact us



IMG_0546Morialta Uniting Church, while working in the present and looking to the future, cherishes the contribution made by the people of the congregations in this area who have, over time, joined together to form the current congregation.  These include Magill Methodist Church, Montacute Methodist Church, Newton Methodist Church, Rostrevor Congregational Church and Finchley Park Presbyterian Church.

On 2 December 1990 Morialta Uniting Church was formed with Magill, Finchley Park, Newton and Rostrevor Churches uniting to form one congregation with two worship centres – Chapel Street, Magill and Bonvue Road, Rostrevor.

Video of the service 2 December 1990

Click to view

The Book Mark (left) was made available to all to celebrate the occasion.


If you would like to know more about the history and memories of the early churches and Morialta Uniting Church and its people told in words and photographs, please click on the links below.

Magill 1855 – 1990



Montacute 1862 – 1982

Newton 1911 – 1990

Rostrevor 1961 – 1990

History Month 2018



Why do we keep archives?

We keep archives as a living record of the past.  We preserve the stories of past congregations, the people and the artefacts of these people.

Archives are not just about the past, they are also about our living present.  As pilgrims of the Uniting Church, here at Morialta, we gather and tell our stories, often inspired  by God.

Promoting awareness of our stories and our resources through public  history events, and making these stories accessible to our own church community and the wider community is what we try to do in keeping archives.

Christmas Past

The Bell

Longbottom Memorial stained glass window

160 years

For further information about the Morialta Archives please contact the office.


Morialta Song list (PPT)