Vision Statement

Vision statement


Chapel Street
Most Sundays there are two services at Morialta.

worship 815-18.15 am
A reflective, smaller service, where traditional liturgy, poetic readings and recorded music are included in worship. It is quiet and intimate. Communion is celebrated twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
worship 815-2


When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, a combined service, sometimes including the celebration of Communion, is held at 9:30 am.  This service usually has a special theme and often includes creative worship planned and led by a wider group of people.

worship 930-2015-1
9.30 am
A traditional shape where creative worship is explored, in drama, music and congregational response, speaking to us in modern language. Traditional and contemporary music feature both in congregational singing and on occasion presented by a singing group. Communion is celebrated twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.
Where there is a 5th Sunday in the month, 8:15 and 9:30 communities come together in a combined service at 9:30. The service is usually has a special theme, sometimes includes the celebration of communion and often includes creative worship planned and led by a wider group of people.

Combined services are also held during January and on other special occasions.

Music plays a significant part in the worship at Morialta.Music 2015-1
The early (8:15 am) service uses mostly recorded music for listening and reflection with occasional congregational singing.

Keyboard music from the piano or Clavinova is provided by a group of rostered musicians, who are joined by other instrumental players.

Morialta uses the Revised Common Lectionary as a guide for the theme of its worship on most occasions.

Beyond our Walls
Morialta Uniting Church is open to exploring connections and links with congregations in urban and rural areas and to resource Congregations, Groups, Chaplains, Pastoral Care, individual and personal worship.

Morialta colinOut of that openness grew the project “Beyond our Walls”, began in October 2013 with monthly filming of Morialta’s normal worship service and production of a DVD for distribution to churches for trial, comment and refinement.

BOW july 2015-1

Morialta has resourced “Beyond Our Walls” with appropriate equipment and trained operators to ensure presentation skills of a high order.

Feedback and critical appraisal informs and guides the Steering Group, presenters, technicians and members of the congregation.

Woomelang UCA using a “Full Service BOW”

Link to “Beyond our Walls” page or see our “Sermons” page

View Promotional video

Podcasts are available on a weekly basis here.

Worship services are available on CD by request or as mp3 files.
For further information, please contact the Church Office

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Morialta Uniting Church is highly valued and draws on the compassion of the whole congregation. We have an amazing network of ‘Pastoral Partners’. Each of these ‘partners’ has a list of people with whom they intentionally connect on a regular basis.

There is a Pastoral Care Team that meets monthly to help ensure that everybody is gathered up in the arms of care. Phone calls, personal visits, handmade cards and networking supplement the general love and care that is expressed by all in the congregation.

For further information please contact;
Doug Hosking on 8336 6010

Visits from our ministers can include the celebration of Holy Communion for those unable to attend worship regularly.

For more information
Morialta Uniting Church
Box 619, Magill 5072
Church Office: 83319344

Children and Youth

Morialta Uniting Church has a regular Sunday program for children & youth during school term times.  Children join the 9.30 worship and go out to their own programs after a short time.

We also take part in a number of Uniting Church programs such as: KUCA Campout & SAYCO

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Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Click here to see Baptism clip or go to our home page – Our Video Links – “Special Event” to see full Baptism.

Click here to see Baptism clip or go to our home page – Our Video Links – “Special Event” to see full Baptism.

Baptism celebrates our identity as people loved by God, and makes us part of  the community of those who follow Christ.

Baptisms are normally celebrated during the 9.30 service, where the congregation will welcome you into the community and promise to support you as you begin to live out your baptism or as you help your children to do so.

If you would like to be baptised or to bring your children to be baptised please talk to our minister.

WeddingThe Christian celebration of marriage is an act of worship in which we offer praise to God for the life and love God has given us. You invite the people gathered to witness your declaration of  love to each other and your promises to be faithful to one another, and we ask God’s blessing on your marriage.

You can make an initial inquiry through the church office. A copy of our wedding brochure can be posted or emailed to you. Your booking can be confirmed once you have paid a deposit and had your first meeting with our minister. Three or four meetings with the minister will allow you to complete the necessary legal paperwork, complete and discuss the PREPARE* resource, and plan your celebration.


A well-planned funeral can help us honour and give thanks for the life of the person who has died as we affirm the Christian understanding that, even after we die, we continue in God’s love. If you are in the position of needing to organise a funeral and would like it to be at Morialta please contact our minister.


Minister:  Rev Bob Hutchinson


Mobile:  0422 264 332

Phone:  8336 2676



Lay Leadership
The Church Council fulfils a central role at Morialta as members participate in exploring and building vision. The congregation seeks to identify those who can bring commitment, energy, skills and willingness to this role  and who will work with faith, hope and grace to enable the life and mission of this worshipping community as members. Members of council elected by the congregation are Elders.

Role of Elders
The Role of Elders as stated in the UCA Constitution and Regulations, para. 3.1.10 (a) reads as follows:

The ministry of Elder is one of spiritual oversight, and may also be exercised in pastoral visitation, teaching, encouraging members of the Congregation to share in mission, and assisting the Minister in leadership of worship and administration of the sacraments and other areas in the life of the Congregation.   Elders who serve on the Church Council have a particular responsibility to ensure that matters of spiritual oversight, pastoral care and the mission of the Church have priority in the work of the Church Council.

Elders and members of Church Council share the responsibilities of the Council. All Elders are not expected to do all things.   This would be unreasonable, unnecessary and unhelpful.   Rather, each Elder is valued for her/his particular strengths and gifts and is encouraged to share these in fulfilling the mission. Most Elders are also members of one of the the Ministry Teams, providing a means of communication between Church Council and the Teams and assisting Teams developing the mission focus by bringing an understanding of the overall vision and direction. Elders are not directly representative of Teams in their membership of Council, or in their contribution to discussion and decision making.  They share in the discernment of mission.

The Chairperson and Secretary of Church Council provide leadership and support to Council both during meetings and as members endeavour to carry out their roles

Church Council Members:
Rhonda Amber
Chris Ayles
Helena Begg
Margaret Cargill (Chairperson) (Business Committee)
Jing Luo
Carole Lyons (Treasurer) (Business Committee)
Craig Mackenzie
Christine Secombe (Secretary)(Business Committee)
Beverley Tredrea

Ministry Teams
There are nine ministry teams at Morialta.
Each has a team leader, appointed by Church Council.
The team leader is supported by an Elder from Council and other members of the team.
Ministry Team Invitation

Worship and Faith Education Mission Ministry Team

Leader: Jenny Swanbury

Elder:   Beverley Tredrea
Team:  Pam Ayles
              Katrina Mackenzie
              Christine Secombe
Christine Garner


Pastoral Care Mission Ministry Team

Coordinator:  Bruce Ind
Phone: 8336 6836

Leader:  Doug Hosking
Elder:     Rhonda Amber
Team:    Rhonda Amber
                Barbara Buckton
                Dawn Colegrove
                Fay Goldsworthy
                Jan Thornton

Community Centre Mission Ministry Team — More

john-powersLeader:  John Powers
Mobile:  0426 228 119

Elder:  Helena Begg
Team:  Anne Ind
              Alison Lockett
              Mary Watson



Children, Youth and Young Families Mission Ministry Team

craigLeader:  Craig Mackenzie

Elder:  Jing Luo




Social Justice Mission Ministry Team –More

Leader:  Colin Cargill
M: 0427 122 106

Elder:  Christine Secombe
Team:  Bruce Ind
             David Purling
             Judith Purling
             Jenny Swanbury

Property Operational Ministry Team

Leader: Chris Ayles
Mobile:  0407 719 870

Elder:   Carole Lyons
Team:  Merv Boundy
             Ray Clogg
             Brian Hogben
             Anne Ind
             Bruce Ind
             John Thornton

Finance Operational Ministry Team

carolLeader: Carole Lyons
Mobile: 0407 320 856

Team:  Steve Begg
Robert Cheel
             Neville Clarke
             Arlene Lomman

Communication and Administration Operational Ministry Team

IMG_8638Leader: Lorraine Powers

Elder:  Helena Begg
Team:  Colin Cargill
             Matthew Mackenzie
             Sharon Mackenzie
             John Secombe



Audio Visual Group – more…

picture19Leader:  John Drew
Technical Coordinator: John Secombe – 0407 601 726 – Email:

Team:   Ruth Dunning




Monday Fix-it Team

Leader: Rob Webbe
Phone: 8337 9314

Team:  John Beard
Merv Boundy
Bob Lloyd
John Thornton
Roger Whibley



MUC Structure

Mission – Possible!   May 2017 and beyond

Resourcing Morialta’s mission into the future



Our church and community centre are well equipped for people of all abilities to be able to attend.   Facilities include:

  • Hearing loop – in both the church and main hall
  • Wheelchair access
  • Drop off point
  • Large print materials

Please contact the church office for further information