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Community Building & Fundraising Events 2017

Our Regular Events

 Our everyday welcome….


  • 8.15am Worship Service
  • 9.30am Family Worship Service  including
    Kids on Sunday
  • 11.15am English Conversation Group


  • 8.30-9.30am Fix It Team
  • 9.30am Keep Fit Class
  • 10.00am Japanese Playgroup (term time)
  • 1.30pm Tai Chi Style Exercise Group


  • 9.30 – 11.30am Morialta Playgroup (term time)


  • 9.30am Keep Fit Class
  • 11.00am Community Library open for borrowing
  • 12noon Lunch on Chapel
  • 1.00 – 2.45pm Friendship Centre
  • 1.30 – 3.00pm Workshop
  • 7.45pm Evening Fellowship (3rd week of month in summer)


  • 9.45am Fellowship (3rd week of month in winter)
  • 10.30am Social Tennis


  • 9.30am Art Circle
    (Bring your own paints, crayons, drawing materials, etc.)
  • 9.30am Pilates Class
  • 10.30am Coffee and Chat
  • 7.30pm Gateways (2nd & 4th weeks of month) Exploring Faith Questions


  •  Netball
  • Social Tennis

Our minister is available if you need pastoral care or are interested in exploring any issues with him.

Please contact us on 8331 9344 for further information or to ask about these or any other groups that may be meeting.

Past Events

At the congregational meeting

At the congregational meeting

Bus Trip to North Haven and Beyond








Bus Trip to North Haven and Beyond








Library Event
Peter Rabbit Birthday Party


We celebrate 140 years of the Morialta Church Building
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Kym Purling Concert
Image27 Image28 Image29 Image30 Image31

160th Anniversary Celebration
Morialta160yrs-4 Morialta160yrs-5 Morialta160yrs-6 Morialta160yrs-3 Morialta160yrs-2 Morialta160yrs-1

The Mad Hatters Tea Party

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Rocky Hobby Show
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rocky hobby-22 rocky hobby-15

Merry Mid Year
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